Guilford District Court - Civil Forms

The Chief District Court Judge, by administrative order and local rule, has adopted several civil forms which are specific to the Guilford County District Courts. Below, you will find most of those Civil forms.  Generally, the Court adopts forms to aid in the administration of justice.  Although there are many forms, most things which litigants file with the court are not "forms" but rather are legal documents which are custom drafted (and must be consistent with the law) by the parties to meet the needs and circumstances of a particular case.

CMR-200 Calendar Request
CMR-220 Affidavit of Income and Expenses
CMR-230 Equitable Distribution Affidavit
CMR-240 Consent Stipulation of Mediator (Family Financial Case)
CMR-250 Notice of Address Change
CMR-260 Order Submission
CMR-300 Continuance Order
CMR-301 Peremptory Setting Request & Order
CMR-302 Clean-Up Calendar Order
CMR-303 Inactive Status Order
CMR-330 Standing Order (Equitable Distribution)
CMR-331 Pre-Trial Order
CMR-400 Parenting Guidelines
CMR-410 Order and Notice of Court Events(Custody Actions)
CMR-420 Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator
CMR-501 Pre-Trial Arbitration Submission
CMR-600 Notice of Collaborative Law Agreement
CMR-601 Notice of Termination of Collaborative Law Agreement
CMR-602 Order Authorizing Withdrawal of Attorney(s) of Record (Collaborative Law)
CMR-700 Motion and Order to Extend Completion Date for Mediated Settlement Conference or Other Dispute Resolution Procedure

Statewide Court Forms

The North Carolina Administrative Offices of the Courts has adopted more than One Thousand (1,000) statewide judicial forms. Despite this large number, there are many things which need to be and are filed with the Court for which there is not a "form."
Statewide Judicial Forms