Guilford County District Court

This website provides resources to help you understand and navigate the District Court Division of the North Carolina General Court of Justice in and for Guilford County.  The Guilford County District Court is the only District Court of the Twenty-Fourth Judicial District.  Unique in North Carolina, Guilford County has two fully functioning courthouses that operate as separate venues, one located in Greensboro and the other in High Point.
If you are looking for the Federal District Court which serves Guilford County (among others), known as the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, their website is located at
This site is sponsored, maintained, and created by the Association of Guilford County Family and Domestic Lawyers, in partnership with the resident District Court Judges of Guilford County. 

eCourts Access Links

Access Portal
Portal is used to view case information
Access File & Serve
"File&Serve" is used to file a document with the Court. It can also be used in some instances to serve that document on others.
Access Guide & File
Guide&File can be used in some instances to Guide you through the completion of Court Forms and paperwork.  It can only be used in limited instances.  Only State forms are available in Guide&File. Local Court Forms are not available in Guide&File.